Does Equality really exists in India, while reporting CYBER CRIMES??????

A day before there was a news about “CM Fadnavis’ personal secretary cheated by cyber fraudsters” in many newspapers mostly published from Mumbai.

There was a huge shock in store when on very next day it was reported that ” E-fraudester’s a/c frozen in a day after Maharashtra CM aide loses Rs.64,000/”.

Its not clear to me whether I should appreciate the commendable work of investigation carried out by Mumbai Police or think rationally about the fundamental right guaranteed under Indian Constitution which speaks about All are Equal before Law and All will have Equal Protection of Law.

I must clarify about this dilemma.

Does police take similar prompt action if person involved is not soms one as influential as PA of Hon. C M of Maharashtra?

The normal questions asked by police would be “Why you compromised your password?”,” When you yourself disclosed the information,why ask police to investigate?”,”First go to bank and report the matter and they will do the needful?,”From where money is withdrawn,the location is not in our jurisdiction.Pl file FIR in Kolkota”,”You won’t get your money back and hence don’t waste your as well as our time”.

And many more such questions would have been asked by police and FIR would have been reported only if the complainant would have been successful in answering all the questions. And you yourself can guess the numbers.

But look in this matter.On very next day of filing FIR police have even frozen the beneficiary account where money was credited.

It very clearly shows that if Police wish to crack cyber crimes like Credit Cards Frauds ,as in above case, they can crack the same within hours.

So why many such victims complain that their FIR is even not registered?

And here I am sad to say that Does Equality really exists in India???

If and only if you are some influential person then only you are assured of Justice otherwise you are left on your own destiny.

Compare present case scenario which is almost similar to thousands of other cases,wherein people have lost corers of Rupees, but since Equality is not practiced those victims are denied their due share of Justice.
Is it not shameful for all of us???

The number of such incidents received by me indicates that Police are still evasive about filing FIR though all offenses under Information Technology Act are cognizable. And this prevents me from applauding commendable investigation carried out by police in above referred matter.

I can only prey that Police follow the same principles when it comes to reporting of Cyber Crimes.

Advocate Mahendra Limaye
Cyber Legal Consultant



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