My head hangs in shame!!!!!

Cyber Security is very much hot topic for discussions these days. There are numerous online banking frauds, online shopping portal frauds and online job frauds and so on and so forth. The real issue today is everyone has accepted the benefits on online transaction from their own views and neglecting the security issues to be taken care of by others.
Like in an old story of Elephant being described by seven blind men, everyone thought his description of elephant perfect, as it was based on that part of elephant which that blind person got hold of. So naturally the person touching the leg thought it to be very strong and the person catching hold of trunk of elephant certainly described it at very thin and weak.
Cyber security scenario is similar to this description by seven blind persons, the only difference is, here people look from their own perspective and firmly disbelieve the views of others.
The recent example of issuing warning to CM’s Official Facebook page being vulnerable to hacking is such small example which shows what is the concern for security?
It is sorrow state of situation wherein the page with more than 1.3 million following is at the mercy of good will of Hackers!!!! I am really and deeply concerned about the same.
The owners of the page are not aware about the possible consequences of any such attack from unwanted elements and ignoring the security signals and warnings provided to them, time and again. This is very disturbing and worrying signal as they even don’t have that acumen to understand what is written between the lines.
Were they ever thought of what could be possible fallout of losing control of such a powerful Facebook page? Can they foresee what will happen if the control of this Facebook page is snatched by some unscrupulous element?
And that’s why my Head hangs in shame!!!
Why we are doing this thankless job of intimating and advising about issues concerning Cyber Security?
When Cyber Security is nobody’s baby who we are to look after and take care for the same????
If people are so fascinated and charmed by Cyberspace and ready to come forward only to celebrate every time the reasonable restrictions are removed but not coming forward to have some self regulation which will take us in direction of more safe and secured Cyberspace God alone can save the netizens!!!!


With such visionary at the helm of affairs of such responsible social media pages REALLY MY HEAD HANGS IN SHAME!!!!!!!
Advocate Mahendra Limaye
Cyber Legal Consultant



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