Police Investigations and Cyber Crime

Today there were two news reports related to cyber crime in local news paper.

One related to success of Police in nabbing cyber criminals involved in Fake phone calls for compromise of ATM password and other details and thereafter making huge purchases from various online portals and used same online route to dispose the used goods!!!!

Other related to filing the FIR in similar job scam.But this story in reality is somewhat different where Police in Nagpur almost took more than a month to file this FIR.

In first case Police needs to be congratulated for their splendid efforts and hard work in connecting the dots!!

But in second matter citing Jurisdiction issue is not at all understandable!When I T Act provides for Global Jurisdiction why police make these petty issue of local jurisdiction?Don’t they understand that by such their act they are indirectly helping the criminals by not registering the matters?They are also wasting valuable time of investigation.Cyber Criminals could be nabbed if police act swiftly and here our police are wasting much time in deciding the jurisdiction issue.By these tactics Police may be successful in discouraging the complainant about the thought of Filing FIR and seeking Justice but on the contrary they have helped criminals by letting them a easy escape!!!!!!

Do we need such attitude of police in matters of CYBER CRIMES?????

Hon.Chief Minister Maharashtra has ordered for set up of three new CYBER POLICE STATIONS in Mumbai.But what about Second capital and other cities?Don’t they witness cyber crimes or whatever they lose is not of significance????Or by the cyber crimes reported by Police it is only Mumbai which is witnessing Cyber Crimes and in rest of the state ALL IS WELL????

The other worrying aspect is Online portals like QUIKR and OLS are used by criminals to buy as well as sell the goods.So are we to understand that ONLINE PORTALS ARE SAFE HEAVENS FOR CYBER CRIMINALS?????

In fact I regularly advice the complainants of missing Mobile phones to visit various online resale portals for finding their lost/stolen mobile phones.

And if these portals are used for such fraudulent activities should they be governed by some rules are not????

The scenario is getting worse day by day by addition new online users.


Advocate Mahendra Limaye
Cyber Legal Consultant



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