Mumbai High Court’s decision boost to CYBER AWARENESS ORGANISATION’S mission and vision.

Cyber Crimes are significantly reported by all newspapers. It might be lottery fraud or withdrawal of money even if Credit / Debit card is with the card owner or sending abusive message or creating fake profile or data theft etc. It’s really alarming the way Cyber crimes are growing and people are losing their hard earned money or reputation.

But unfortunately when victims try to report the matter to police or concerned Bank, the way he is treated and questioned about his illiteracy of the subject matter and make him feel that instead of complainant he is in fact criminal himself, the victim gives up. Cyber Awareness Organisation has raised this issue of apathy of LEA’s towards victims of Cyber Frauds many times.

In a significant verdict recently delivered by Mumbai High court, court has directed all mobile service providers to issue messages cautioning citizens against falling for such fraudulent messages and emails. The court also directed the Maharashtra government to create awareness, including by putting out advertisements, “asking citizens to be cautious of such messages and emails”. This is major boost to CYBER AWARENESS ORGANISATION’S mission and vision of creating cyber awareness, which it was spearheading single handedly till date.
Among its public welfare directions was one for banks too; banks have been asked to ensure that Know Your Customer guidelines are followed by the Court.”It is common knowledge that such messages and emails are received by a number of people,” said a division bench of Justices V M Kanade and Anuja Prabhudessai.

The court was hearing a plea by Nashik farmer Namdeo Warade, 47, for an order for the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) to probe how he was cheated of Rs 29 lakh. On September 15, 2010, Warade received a message on his phone saying he had won $5 lakh at a purported Coca-Cola competition held in London and asked to contact an email address.

CAO feels that its collective responsibility of all the stake holders in fighting such cyber criminals and making netizens well prepared to protect their money/information/data/reputation /intellectual property etc.

As cyberspace user’s we are the one who should take a first leap by learning about How to use cyberspace securely. We must learn about security guidelines while carrying out online activities, chatting with the unknown people, carrying out baking/shopping transactions, uploading or sharing photographs/information etc. We should also learn about how to protect our sensitive personal information and how to protect data residing in our gadgets.

Similar responsibility lies on Banks, Telecom Service Providers, Corporate, NGO’s and other institutes which are devoted / mandated under CSR to take up certain noble cause which could be of creating CYBER AWARENESS. They can achieve this by organizing Cyber Awareness Quiz, Poster competition, Guest Lectures, Debates, Display Cyber awareness hoardings etc.

Cyber Awareness Organisation is relentlessly working for creating awareness about CYBERSPACE/SOCIAL MEDIA/EXCESSIVE DEPENDANCE ON FREEWARES AND MOBILES ETC.

Advocate Mahendra Limaye
Cyber Legal Consultant



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