Respected Mr.Narendra Modiji,

Hearty congratulations for your grand victory in Loksabha polls. The contribution social media played in your victory may be debated on many forums hence forth but you were the most prominent political leader who used it to optimal. The result of such canvassing through social media may be one of the factors which lead to your exceptional success.

So it’s proven fact that youths of India are well responsive to social media. If some statistics are to believed then @60% of the teens, almost all youths, @40% middle aged persons and 20% senior citizens in India are connected to various online activities may it be mobiles, social media ,e-banking , online shopping so on and so forth.

But there is darker side of this online activity which should not be derelict. Today online activities are becoming very perilous and precarious to be relied upon. The Cyber Criminals are using this medium for their proceeds and ordinary, ill-educated and ill-equipped users are very easily falling in various traps. There are national as well as international cyber criminals and also state sponsored cyber criminals involved in most of these activities who are technologically more sophisticated equipped and backed by certain groups/organisation or even states.

May it be lottery mail, phishing fraud, banking fraud or credit card fraud the loss is only pecuniary in nature. But when it extends to defamation, pornography, abuse, extortion the consequences become more severe in nature and even lead to loss of life. And through web jacking, posting something which may lead to communal tension or communal hatred, Denial of service attacks on government websites there can be internal disturbances or tense relations with neighboring states or even cyber war within the globe and overall outcome would be huge loss of life or even threat to sovereignty of our motherland.

This is cause of worry for a common netizen like me because none of the people at high places are yet convinced that CYBER CRIMINLAS are capable of causing damages to this much extent. They have even failed to acknowledge CYBER CRIME as a serious and most eminent threat to sovereignty and integrity of the state. Forget about diagnosing the root cause of this possibility and preparing themselves for providing the much needed solutions.

This sheer apathy towards registration, investigation and subsequent arrests and trials in the matters of CYBER CRIMES by LAW ENFORCEMENT AGENCIES, have raised morals of Cyber criminals very high and demoralized entire community of cyber crime victims. And this is the situation I am most worried for!!!!!!

This e-mail is an effort to draw your and in turn of all the concerned bureaucracy’s attention towards most burning issue called as CYBER CRIMES.

It’s too early to expect some action from my prime minister but I am confident that my Prime Minister will certainly take a decisive action in curbing CYBER CRIMES by speedy and simplified registration procedure for CYBER CRIMES, proper investigation with aid of cyber forensics techniques available and speedy trials for putting these Cyber Criminals behind the bar. Also there should be nation wide CYBER AWARENESS CAMPAIGN to make netizens aware about inherent threats in online activities and make them prepared to fight the same and also available remedy in case some untoward incidence happens.

With the only intention of MAKING CYBERSPACE SECURE FOR ONE AND ALL, this small favor is sought from an ordinary netizen

Thanking you

Yours Sincerely





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