Most crime news reported in newspapers is significantly concerning Cyber Crimes. It might be online fraud or withdrawal of money even if Credit / Debit card is with the card owner or illegal online shopping from locations where card owner never visited in his life or sending abusive message or creating fake profile or data theft etc. It’s really alarming the way Cyber crimes are growing and people are losing their hard earned money or reputation.
But unfortunately victims are not aware about the remedial measures nor have courage/face to report the crime. And even if someone try to report the matter to police, the generous reception and understanding of Cyber crimes ,compels him to rethink about reporting the matter and the victim gives up.
Now this is win-win situation for Cyber criminals since crimes are not reported nor investigated. In such scenario what could be done?
Its collective responsibility of all the stake holders in fighting such cyber criminals and making netizens well prepared to protect their money/information/data/reputation /intellectual property etc.
As cyberspace user’s we are the one who should take a first leap by learning about How to use cyberspace securely. We must learn about security guidelines while carrying out online activities, chatting with the unknown people, carrying out baking/shopping transactions, uploading or sharing photographs/information etc. We should also learn about how to protect our sensitive personal information and how to protect data residing in our gadgets.
Second responsibility lies on educational institutes/schools/colleges. They can make CYBER AWARENESS as integral part of their curriculum and should try to update the knowledge of students on regular intervals. Currently very few schools/colleges are undertaking such initiatives. The only initiatives undertaken by colleges are related to ETHICAL HACKING WORKSHOPS, which are encouraging destructive mentality of the college students rather than channelizing their vigor in creative activities.
Third responsibility lies on Banks, Telecom Service Providers, Corporate, NGO’s and other institutes which are devoted / mandated under CSR to take up certain noble cause which could be of creating CYBER AWARENESS. They can achieve this by organizing Cyber Awareness Quiz, Poster competition, Guest Lectures, Debates, Display Cyber awareness hoardings etc.
The last and least responsibility is of the government which can be in the form of training, educating and equipping the police department and judiciary to investigate and adjudicate the cyber crimes.
Cyber Awareness Organisation is relentlessly working for creating awareness about CYBERSPACE/SOCIAL MEDIA/EXCESSIVE DEPENDANCE ON FREEWARES AND MOBILES ETC.

Advocate Mahendra Limaye
Cyber Legal Consultant



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