“HEMA”, Uncle Sam is watching you article in TOI dated 10/8 2013 affirms views that after Edward Snowden incident, Uncle Sam will be more cautious in its approach and all the employees working for Project Prism will be under scanner. Defense Information System Agency (DISA) will work for “Insider Threat” Program developed by President Obama administration in order to prevent further embarrassment to US .This program has identified certain Threat Indicators which may include your political views, frequency of travel to your native country, your financial position etc.

The reason for this Insider Threat Program may be justified by US on backdrop of Snowden incident but how much success it will yield? Does this program provide a warning for non-US nationals associated with PROJECT PRISM? How many people really know that they are working for this MASS SURVEILLANCE PROGRAM? Can the US act of keeping track of all the electronic correspondence be justified by any Sovereign country?

There are various questions which need answers and I find it strange that all the intellectuals across the India are keeping mum on these serious issues. Rather than debating the possible outcome of this Insider Threat program, we are giving US a clean cheat in this whole Surveillance program by terming as Educative Program.

I foresee following fall outs of this Insider Threat Program.

1)      The nationals other than US nationals will be subject to unnecessary inconvenience in all the walks of life.

2)      Their all activities will be under scanner.

3)      There conversations/communications will be under surveillance.

4)      Their trips to native country might be curtailed and will be subject to approval from Defense Ministry.

5)      They will be compelled to quit on smallest lapse or error in their job responsibility.

In other words all the IT Professionals working in US will be looked upon by suspicion and there life will be nightmarish in future.

This is time for all IT Professionals working in US to have a courage and come back to India in order to make India a strong IT Force in future.

Advocate Mahendra Limaye
Cyber Legal Consultant



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