National Crimes Record Bureau 2013 – 60% (reported) growth in CYBER CRIMES.

National Crimes Record Bureau has recently published its report for year 2012.The reports in its chapter 18 regarding CYBER CRIMES has revealed some interesting facts. I have made an effort to analyse the same. The analysis is as below. 
1)      The overall growth in Cyber Crimes in India is 60% as compared to 2012. (This is only reported figure and hence the unreported cyber crimes which are very large in number does not find place in this data.) 
2)      Chhattisgarh has shown most phenomenon growth of 2350% and Kerala the most literate state has shown 18% growth in cyber crimes reporting. (In case of Chhattisgarh the fact may be police are better trained and hence booked crimes under proper sections of I T, which might not have happened previous year.)  
3)      Surprisingly Karnataka, the I T Hub of India has seen growth of 172% and the Financial Capital housing Maharashtra has shown 53% growth in reporting of Cyber Crimes.(Maybe the I T Hub provides more opportunities for cyber criminals.) 
4)      West Bengal with 355%, UP with 103% are other centurion states. 
5)      City wise Kolkata has outperformed all by 1033% growth, followed by Surat 700%, Agra 340%, Mumbai 312% and my Nagpur has witnessed 118% growth in reporting of Cyber Crimes.(The growth in reporting of cyber crimes is encouraging as it makes police and netizens more vigilant. The other reason might be due to increased CYBER AWARENESS Campaigns appealing netizens to come forward and report the complaints so that crimes might be investigated.) 
6)      The arrest statistics is really worrying as it confirms involvement of maximum youths in Cyber crimes.61% are between age group of 18-30 and 28% between age group of 30-45.(This is cause of concern since India will by youngest Democracy by 2020 and by then its maximum netizens would be under threat from fellow netizens. The maximum efforts need to be concentrated on training netizens to make ethical uses of Internet and related applications.) 
7)      The other worrying element is ever after its inception in year 2000 and further amendments in year 2008 Information Technology Act has not gone well with law enforcement agencies which still tend to book cyber crimes under IPC provisions.( These IPC provisions are not fully capable of covering all aspects of Cyber Crimes. ) 
8)      The most surprising thing is that even NCRB seems to be unaware about I T Act amendmentsAnd has mentioned only sections 65/66/67.( After amendments in 2008 I T Act has sections 65,66,66A,B,C,D,E,F AND 67A,B,C but neither our police authorities have updated knowledge nor our highest agency officials i.e. NCRB has shown concern to change the old profarma  wherein provisions of old I T Act sections 65.66 and 67 are available.  

In such situation what will be fate of victim? 

Advocate Mahendra Limaye
Cyber Legal Consultant



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