An open letter to Mr.Salman Khurshid,Foreign Minister Goevrnment of India

Dear Sir,
Greetings of the day!!!!
          As a law abiding citizen and person with little knowledge about law I am very much disturbed about your recent comments about PROJECT PRISM being carried out by USA and exposed by Edward Snowden,
         You played down reports of US snooping on diplomatic missions, including Indian embassy in Washington, saying the “intrusion” was only a computer study of patterns that is not a serious concern.
         Sir,if the activity of intrusion can be termed as an academic interest activity then hats off to you since US has declared the academician(?) as enemy number one and tracing him across the globe, with every available resource.
The activity of SNOOPING has raised several issues including definition of sovereignty of states and what are duties and responsibilities of state?
Are our states unable to guarantee DATA PRIVACY?
If yes then they should warn the citizens regarding Privacy intrusion while using these mediums and stop all e-governance projects immediately.
Is Big Brother free to snoop on each and every activity which is being carried out through Electronic communications?
What are functions of State if they are not able to defend Privacy of its Citizen on its own soil?
Are we suppose to believe on US presidents statements that this SNOOPING activity is only to curtail terrorist activities and may I ask what cautious warnings were passed by US about cross border activities by our beloved neighbor Pakistan?
Are we to believe that what US thinks is right and other nations don’t have any say on this?
        Sir in my view all of us have underestimated the devastating destruction value this PROJECT PRISM.Just imagine a situation wherein an Indian company is competing with US based company.Is their any possibility of unfair play using these so called study?Can we summarily ruled out the role played by US through control over social media in dethroning regimes in Middle east?
There are several issues but the need of hour is to be cautious in our comments and accept the facts.The fact is US is doing no charity or academic activity through PROJECT PRISM and there are bigger motives behind such activities.President Obama has openly defended the spying activities and we are terming those as academic activities.
I hope good sense will prevail and this letter, if read fully, may initiate some brain storming.
Advocate Mahendra Limaye
Cyber Legal Consultant



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