About Cyber Awareness Organisation


CAO’s mission is to –

  • Cultivate work environment where cyber security behaviors and responses are automatic and consistent.
  • Empower digital society to use internet safely.
  • Secure uses of internet at all places.
  • Protect digital assets.
  • Disseminate information about cyber crime.
  • Make society aware about IT Act and available remedies in case of infringement.
  • Provide consultation.


In the merciless world of internet and advance technologies, nobody is safe. In such scenario, everyone shares responsibility to secure cyber space and keep it free from threats and dangers.

Our objectives is

  • To help everyone understand why responsible & logical use of available cyber technologies is must.
  • To help everyone understand the ethical consideration associated with use of cyber technology.
  • To help everyone understand how cyber technologies affects lives of individual, their family, society and nation.
  • To help everyone understand the legal structure within which cyber technologies exist and operate.

In India, Cyber Laws enacted, but most of the people are not aware or having a little knowledge about it. Everyone connected to cyber-world, should have knowledge of it. In general, persons having no idea about his rights, are not expected to know remedies available, in case of infringement of rights. After realizing this fact, the team members of cyber awareness organization started “Cyber Awareness Organization” with an object to make people at large aware about cyber laws, rights of persons and remedies which are available in case of infringement. Till now, organization carries out all activities on its own without any support. We feel that its high time to carry out our activities are in vigorous manner, as statistical data shows us cases of cyber crime raised at alarming rate.

In this scenario, cyber awareness organizations committed to aware and educate people at large about cyber crimes, modus operandi adopted by cyber criminals, possible methods to be adopted to protect oneself from cyber crimes, remedies which can be availed in case of infringement of rights. To achieve these objectives Cyber Awareness Organization expects support from everyone in carrying out various activities like

  • Cyber crime Detection Assistance
  • Counseling & consultation for parents, students, entities etc regarding cyber security measures.
  • Drafting various security policies for entities like bank, corporate etc.
  • Organizing seminars on Cyber Awareness.
  • Delivering lectures
  • Conducting quiz, contests, tests etc
  • Providing online / Offline support.

We will appreciate if your organization wishes to undertake any project in above-mentioned areas. For more details and queries, contact us at info@cyberorgindia.com.


Adv. Mahendra Limaye

Mahendra is one of the eminent Techno-legal consultants in India possessing Masters in Law and Diploma in Mechanical Engineering with P.G Diploma in Cyber Law and Information Technology and currently perusing Doctorate in Law. He has entered into legal profession with prior entrepreneurial experience in the field of Telecom. With more than 8 Yrs. of active practice in Cyber Law (Litigation &Consulting) he is actively engaged in CYBER AWARENESS through his organisation styled as CYBER AWARENESS ORGANISATION.

He is a much-admired Speaker in seminars & training sessions for CYBER SECURITY AND CYBER LAW. Mahendra has made a mammoth impact in the emerging areas of Cyber law and laws related to E-Commerce through his various write ups in various National dailies. His inexhaustible effort in the fields of Cyber Laws and Cyber Security has earned him the reputation of an expert in the Cyberspace.

Mahendra is visiting faculty for Cyber Laws in various educational institutes/government training institutes in the region. Regional Training Institute (Audit), NU’s Dr.B.Ambedkar College of Law, Institute of Military law, Ordanance Factory Institute of Learning, Staff Training College, and Various Police Departments etc. are few institutes where Mahendra is visiting Faculty for Cyber Laws.

Mahendra is self-motivated legal professional with hands on experience in advising/arguing Cyber Crime cases involving Data Theft, Source Code Theft, Denial of Service, Net Banking Frauds, Credit Card Frauds, Cyber Defamation, Obscene Content, Intermediary issues, Removal of defamatory contents etc. Specializing in multi-dimensional topics of Information Technology Act and Intellectual Property Rights Mahendra is actively engaged in conducting various Awareness programs and till date has completed more than 200 CYBER AWARENESS Training programs in the Vidarbha Region. He has deep conceptual understanding and implementation experience in Computer security, Operating systems, networking, ecommerce, Intellectual Property Rights and Net Banking.

Mahendra is providing Cyber Legal Assistance Pan India through his associates and has created CYBER CRIME HELPLINE (09225109900), an IVRS Enabled advisory helpline for benefits of CYBER FRAUD VICTIMS.

He also initiated CYBER GAPPA a Marathi Talk Show to highlight CYBER SECURITY issues through most innovative way recently.

Our Team

    Adv. Mahendra Limaye

    Cyber Awareness Organization

    Cyber Legal Consultant

Sachin Sathe

Cyber Forensic Expert

Post-Graduation in Cyber forensic, Certified Forensic Investigator from

EC-Counsil USA.9 Years of Experience in Cyber Forensic Investigator Field

Nikhil Khandekar

 Information Security Expert

Avinash Dewade

IT Consultant

Shrikant Ardhapurkar

Techno Legal Consultant

Assistant Professor, Computer Technology

M.S. In Cyber Laws and Information Security. BE in Computer Science Engineering.