IT Consultation

CAO provides various consulting services to I T Comapnies on various issues like DATA SECURITY,SECURITY COMPLIANCES,REASONABLE SECURITY PRACTISES,ISO 27001,HIPAA COMPLIANCES,NON DISCLOSURE AGREEMENTS,NON COMPETITION AGREEMNETS ETC.CAO also conducts training programs/workshops for employee cyber security awareness and enhancements.

Cyber Legal Consultation

Normal Lawyers are not knowledgeable enough to deal with these complicated Technology based crimes.With due respect to their Legal skills,they lack in pleading these techno-legal matters and that’s why Cyber Legal consultants will be in demand for these future generation litigation,where most of the crimes will be done with help of technology.

We provide Cyber Legal Consultation and cyber legal evidence collection also.

Cyber Detectives

This concept is totally Out Of Box concept of Cyber Awareness Organisation.We provide all the digital tracks/digital footprints of person under observation.You can get hold of all available information about any person,if he or she has online presence.

We have some happy parents who have availed these services from us and are now enjoying benefits of Cyber Detectives Efforts.

Bank Securities

The race for market supremacy is compelling banks in India to adopt the latest technology on the Internet in a bid to capture new markets and customers. Banks are traditionally been in the forefront of utilising technology to improve their products, services and efficiency. This usage of technology is also cost effective in longer run of the operations. Banks have, over a long time, been using electronic and telecommunication networks for delivering a wide range of value added products and services.

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The delivery channels include direct dial – up connections, private networks, public networks etc and the devices include telephone, Personal Computers including the Automated Teller Machines, etc. With the popularity of PCs, easy access to Internet and World Wide Web (WWW), Internet is increasingly used by banks as a channel for receiving instructions and delivering their products and services to their customers. This form of banking is generally referred to as Internet Banking, although the range of products and services offered by different banks vary widely, both in their content and sophistication.

The world over, bankers have been addressing themselves to meet the new challenges thrown open by this new form of technological inductions in banking. Several studies have pointed to the fact that the cost of delivery of banking service through Information technology use is several times less than the traditional delivery methods. This alone is enough reason for banks to flock to Information technology dependent banking and to deliver more and more of their services through Online as well as through Internet. Not adopting this new technology in time has the risk of banks getting edged out of competition. In such a scenario, the thrust of regulatory thinking has been to ensure that while the banks remain efficient and cost effective, they must be aware of the risks involved and have proper built-in safeguards, machinery and systems to manage the emerging risks. It is not enough for banks to have systems in place, but the systems must be constantly upgraded to changing and well-tested technologies, which is a much bigger challenge. The other aspect is to provide conducive regulatory environment for orderly growth of such form of banking.

Information Technology enabled banking is nothing more than traditional banking services delivered through various electronic communication as well as I T assisted devices. But, in the process it has thrown open issues which have ramifications beyond what a new delivery channel would normally envisage and, hence, has compelled regulators to take note of this emerging channels and devices. Some of the distinctive features of I T banking are:

  1. It removes the traditional geographical barriers as it could reach out to customers of different locations / legal jurisdiction. This has raised the question of jurisdiction of law / supervisory system, to which such transactions should be subjected,
  2. It has added a new dimension to different kinds of risks traditionally associated with banking, heightening some of them and throwing new risk control challenges,
  3. Security of banking transactions, validity of electronic contract, customers’ privacy, etc., which have all along been concerns of both bankers and supervisors have assumed different dimensions given that various features like online banking through use of internet is a public domain, not subject to control by any single authority or group of users,
  4. It poses a strategic risk of loss of business to those banks, who does not respond in time, to this new technology, being the efficient and cost effective delivery mechanism of banking services,
  5. A new form of competition has emerged both from the existing players and new players of the market who are not strictly banks.

We have successfully drafted Banking Security Policy for The Yavatmal Urban Co-operative Bank Limited,Yavatmal.

Parent Counseling

What is Internet Counseling?

Benefits of Online Counselors Include Anonymity, Fast Responses

In the cyberworld of online counseling, people reach out for help on the internet, anxious to connect with someone as they experience emotions like sadness, frustration, loneliness, and confusion.

What kinds of problems do people share online? A cloak of anonymity frees people to be brutally honest in sharing the most shameful moments and memories of their lives. “Are you there right now? I need to talk to someone who doesn’t know me so you can’t judge me” is the desperate plea from an eighteen-year-old girl seeking help with a family crisis.

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Internet counselor’s help in solving these issues with confidentiality and also are helpful for parents in knowing their child’s online activities.


The potential problems for new Internet use are significant and may be growing. Nearly 20% of the people going on-line will encounter one or more of the following problems.

  • Personal neglect
  • Compulsive checking and “clicking”
  • Isolation and avoidance from people
  • Lost productivity
  • Depression
  • Marital problems
  • Sexual addiction
  • Gambling away savings.
  • Internet abuse in the workplace
  • Academic failure.

These problems will be faced by all the parents in future. To protect your children Parents need counseling about how internet should be handled by their children and what they should do if their child is in difficulty.

We provide Parent Counseling for related issues. For further details about the program pl contact us

Children Counseling

As a responsible Netizen children are supposed to use this medium of knowledge very ethically.Child counseling is an effort to educate Netizens about safe surfing activities and pros and cons of non-ethical surfing will be explained under this program.

We conduct Seminars in Schools and Colleges to educate children. And also make them aware of the legal issues and social issues.