Background Verification / Employee vetting

CAO provides a variety of pre-employment vetting and screening services designed to assist our Clients to win the battle against the enemy within – before, instead of when, they have been used.

Item Service
Personal Identity Protect against identity theft and fraud using a cross-referencing check over a number of data sources.
Employer References Obtain personal references from sources provided by a prospective employee, such as previous supervisors, customers, suppliers.
Employment History Confirm past employment history, periods of (un)employment, positions held and reason for leaving (where available).
Qualifications Provide protection against bogus educational and professional qualifications by validating them with the relevant institutions.
Memberships Provide protection against bogus professional memberships by
validating them with the relevant granting body.
Directorships Validate current and previous Directorships and highlights any disqualifications that are in place.
Criminal Records Checks Check with the Criminal Record Bureau for the existence of any current criminal record.
Credit History Establish financial status, credit history and any adverse information that may affect employment.