Corporate Investigations

Corporate investigations, is additionally called work investigations. We are expertise at handling problems involving employment law, civil law and criminal law with greatest sophistication.

We have worked on advanced issues involving harassment, abuse, employee theft, industrial spying & conspiracies, conflicts of interest and a lot of. We offer help to our prestigious clients to scale back their exposure to liability, improve employee morale and increase the bottom line on their balance sheets. We also tend to tie all attainable facts and figures for a gathering of evidences and show what it all represents.

If business suffers from white-collar crime, such as industrial fraud or thieving, we tend to assist you ill the losses and reputation.

Our field investigations, such as surveillance and staff Compensation Fraud investigations, offer legal evidences in detailed and careful reports. If necessary, our field investigators will fully testify the findings in depositions and court hearings.

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Other Workplace Investigations:
• Criminal Investigation(Theft-fraud-corruption)
• Employee Misconduct Investigations
• IP Social Control Investigation
• Litigation Support and Investigation

1. Criminal Investigation (Theft-fraud-corruption)

Criminal investigation refers to conspiracy, harassment, robbery, theft, fraud, corruption and many more. We tend to perform criminal investigation services and conduct timely moreover thorough investigation.
• An irregularity is also outlined as any breach of the standards of monetary
• Integrity needed by the University, as well as a breach of the Monetary
• Regulations. Irregularities fall broadly speaking among the subsequent following categories
The first three of that are criminal, additionally disciplinary offences.


The act of acquiring or stealing the property that belongs to different person through the computer for making the fraudulent and illegal use.


The use of web services or software to defraud the victims and to take the advantage of them by stealing the confidential information.


The providing, giving, soliciting or acceptance of an inducement or reward which can influence the action of someone.

Other irregularity

Failure to look at the University’s monetary laws, policies and procedures.

2. Employee Misconduct investigations

This provides standards and procedures, conducting the investigations of alleged or suspected misconduct by its staff in an exceedingly specific firm.

3. IP Enforcement Investigation

Intellectual Property thieving has magnified in recent years and can still rise unless you defend your belongings. Belongings are property that results from the original creative thought, as patents, copyright material, and trademarks. Belongings are the homeowners of the trademark or copyright. As the brand owners, they decide however, when, and wherever their belongings gets manufactured, distributed, and sold. These are Intellectual Property owners’ exclusive rights. Intellectual Property Theft goes by several names


Made in imitation with the intent to rook.


Generally refers to the duplication and distribution of audio or visual recordings.


An unauthorized recording of a live performance either audio or visual. Victims by holding thieving lose cash, reputation as a brand owner, and client faith. There are health and questions about safety issues that arise from holding thieving. All possible preventive steps ought to be taken to guard your holdings. CAO provides you with the worldwide network of IP investigators and legal specialists who assists you in protecting and pertaining your holding rights. We also provide long term solutions, whereas identifying the matter, locating the source and distribution channels, and dealing with the native enforcement agencies for full prosecution.

4. Legal Proceeding Support and Investigation

For thousands of years, people have brought cases to court to settle their issues, and since that period of time, proof is what will make or break a case for legal professionals. Because the largest field within the business, legal proceeding to be the engine that powers the legal community, touching all practices at only once or another.