Cyber Detectives

This concept is totally Out Of Box concept of Cyber Awareness Organisation. We provide all the digital tracks/digital footprints of person under observation.You can get hold of all available information about any person, If he or she has online presence.

We have some happy parents who have availed these services from us and are now enjoying benefits of Cyber Detectives Efforts.

In this cyber crime detective we have expertise in this field with lots of experiences and all also we have a team of experts who are highly talented for these works. we need to labour hard with lots of advanced technologies which are well cheeked one.

These cyber crime includes losses of credit card, net banking forgery, stocking, terrorist operations, encrypted files, porn and sex crime, some job related fraud, extortion and many more. Cyber crime includes many reasons like forces from outside, Interest of the criminal and the money with such crimes. The investigation starts from the sources, place of crime and the documentary evidences from the criminal.