IT Consultation

CAO provides various consulting services to I T Comapnies on various issues like DATA SECURITY,SECURITY COMPLIANCES, REASONABLE SECURITY PRACTISES, ISO 27001, HIPAA COMPLIANCES, NON DISCLOSURE AGREEMENTS, NON COMPETITION AGREEMNETS ETC.CAO also conducts training programs/workshops for employee cyber security awareness and enhancements.

Information security is nothing but ensuring the fact that the information used for various purposes like storage, transmission of data through various systems and processes is being secured and protected. The information security consultant responsibilities play a vital role in protecting and safeguarding the valuable information of the organization and help in effective management of the relevant risks that may be involved in various processes and procedures. Thus, in general, it is related with the security of the data that is stored in various systems by ensuring compliance with various private and standard business procedures and by protecting it against the attack of viruses and hackers. Therefore, an information security consultant is the person who is responsible for protecting the vital data and securing it, which will in turn help in safeguarding the interest of the organization.